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A process built around holistic wealth management.

Most firms only focus on the tip of the iceberg, asset management. Our approach starts with establishing your wealth plan, including asset allocation, income and estate tax minimization, insurance planning, and general financial oversight. This becomes the baseline and foundation from which we construct a strategy for you and your family.


"Failing to plan is planning to fail."
- Allen Lakein

The future is very unpredictable. No matter how hard you try, you cannot predict what is in store for you or your family. However, what you can do is prepare yourself to the best of your abilities and Slaton Capital is here to help.

We believe that meticulous management of your finances is key in achieving your life's objectives and the sooner you start the better prepared you will be. Whether you are saving for retirement, building a real estate portfolio, or just starting out, the principles are the same. How you earn, spend, and invest your cash-flow will determine your future financial lifestyle.

We approach financial planning in a very scientific, data-driven way. We use a cash-flow based financial planning process to determine the best course of action you should take. When determining the different possible outcomes, we rely heavily on testing different possible scenarios to guide us in making informed decisions in an unpredictable world.



You've worked hard for your money. Now let's invest it right so it works for you.

We don't believe in a "one size fits all" portfolio. Our approach is tailored to you and your goals. Slaton Capital is dedicated to constructing and maintaining strategic investment portfolios that are dynamic, tax-optimized, and personalized for you.

We invest based on data, evidence, and probabilities. We don’t believe in price targets or prophesies that have become commonplace in financial media today. While it is their job to entertain, it is our job to ignore such noise and focus on what really matters.

We begin the investment process with you by assessing your financial picture. We then use that information to create a custom portfolio for you that deploys capital into three distinct areas; core markets, tactical strategies, and diversifying strategies.



Our core market exposure looks at the broad market, mainly in stocks and bonds, to participate in the economic growth of domestic and global economies.



Our tactical strategies are supplemental investments that focus on enhancing returns or limiting losses. Enhancement can be achieved by taking advantage of alpha opportunities in the market and loss limit is achieved by dynamic equity exposure that attempts to reduce participation in large, extended market drawdowns.


Diversifying strategies are used to smooth overall portfolio performance. This is accomplished with the use of equity alternatives including trend-following managed futures, as well as, bond and bond alternatives with using low-volatility strategies.


Our fee schedule is designed to be fair and transparent. As a fiduciary advisor, we do not receive commissions, kickbacks, or any other form of outside compensation for our wealth management services.

As our account minimums are currently set at $250k, our fee schedule begins at 1.25% of assets under management (AUM) and is reduced as the household balance increases. Click here for our fee schedule.



As more professionals break free from their cubicles, business is evolving. Freelance work generates fresh ideas and start-up operations turn into successful enterprises. Your creativity disrupts the status quo. Let us support you with creative workplace benefit strategies that can solidify your business model and motivate your employees the way a larger company would. It’s the best of both worlds.


We also help owners and partners plan for future growth, prepare for taxes, reach financial independence and map out their succession plans. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Designing and managing employee 401(k) and retirement plans

  • Implementing group life and disability insurance plans

  • Providing buy-sell life insurance strategies

  • Consulting and business financial planning

  • 831(b) captive insurance

Corp Strategies

Slaton Capital is solely focused on helping our clients achieve their best financial outcome.

There is no silver bullet or secret sauce to meeting your financial goals. It takes hard work, discipline, and a team of professionals ensuring you are always making the most informed decisions based on the known and unknown variables within the financial ecosystem.

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